Know the Differences between Regular Concrete and Stamped Concrete

A lot of people usually believe that stamped concrete is entirely different compared to the regular one and that it is a totally different product. Though this is kind of true, the fundamentals of the two are similar and they are commonly known as similar, once utilized in a similar technique. For example, once you used regular concrete or stamped concrete for your driveway, generally, both of them will have the similar design strength and similar thickness.

Regular concrete

This type of concrete is your daily concrete utilized in roads, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and used once a regular pavement is constructed. Commonly it is applied on compacted soil base or gravel base. Then, the area is molded with manufactured forms or lumber. Usually, reinforcement is set up in the base, which is typically wire mesh or rebar. The concrete has a specific thickness that’s intended for its application.

Stamped concrete

This kind of concrete is extremely the same applied to a regular concrete. All the steps of the procedure is basically the same except the steps when it comes to its finishing. Also, the concrete for this is colored, which is typically incorporated to the mix. Also, it is possible to color it using a color hardener. Though a lot of contractors utilize an integral color. With stamped concrete, the process changes after bull floating. Other contractors will step up the procedure and have the concrete troweled to make the concrete extremely smooth.

In a nutshell, the only thing that makes them different is what they look like on the surface after installed. A lot of people might believe that stamped concrete isn’t just as sturdy compared to regular concrete, which isn’t the case. Only the stamped concrete’s texture is the thing that can cause it to be less sturdy. If ever you live in a cold area, stamped concrete could be harmed equipment for snow removal, such as snow plows. Hence you should choose wisely when it comes to what material you will use basing on your climate within the area to avoid such damages in the future.

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