In everyone’s household chores, to do laundry one of the important part. According to the statistical data, every average American family does virtually 300 laundry loads every year. Most of the time doing laundry is not an easy job. You need to sort the clothes according to their color and separate darks and lights, level of soiling, cotton, and delicate ones to guarantee that your clothes will be totally protected. There are numerous hacks if you want to make laundry easy and quick. On the other hand, there is also numerous misconception about laundry that a lot of people still believe: 

If it looks clean in the outside, maybe it’s still clean enough 

Some people tend to wear similar clothes without washing since they smell and look clean. But you need to understand that only considering visible stains isn’t the right way to assess how unclean your clothes really are. In fact, the researchers discovered that the human body gives off 1 quart of sweat daily. Moreover, our body always cast off dead skin cells and emits oils. This could all buildup in your clothes fibers and this could lead to skin problems. The only way to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your clothes is to wash them regularly. 

More detergent will clean your clothes more 

This is not true at all. Detergents contain several chemicals intended to aim dirt and stain. Meaning, the more you use detergent, the more you’re exposing your clothes to harsh chemicals. Remember that this could leave remains in clothes, which could result in allergic reactions and skin irritation. Using too much detergent could also harm your washing machine. 

Hand washed clothes should be done literally 

Most of the time, we dread clothing that contains “hand wash only” labels. You must know that this doesn’t imply that those clothing could solely be washed by hand. In fact, you can safely place them in a washing machine and put some mild detergent and on a gentle cycle. Also, if you want to be safer, you can flip your clothes inside out. 

Ink stains can be eliminated using hair spray 

This appears to be one of the famous hacks about removing ink stains. However, the hair spray’s high alcohol content has been minimized since it dries out hair. Meaning, applying hair spray to the affected ink area is useless when it comes to eliminating ink stains due to reduced alcohol level. 

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